Thursday, April 24, 2008

Color Entry

The color scheme I might use. The focus would be black and white. The other two colors would be used moderately.
The reason is to make the banner area less distracting but still pleasing to the eye, so the reader can easily see the content of the website.

or have various different colors like on pbfcomics.

Texture Entry

I wanted to use an octopus on the sea as the banner design. And the style of many Japanese Paintings of the ocean has interested me much. The exaggeration of the crests and waves gives a nice sense of movement.

On the left hand side I would like to use an underwater effect below the octopus; where the menu buttons would be. Light gradient blue that extends from octopus to bottom.

Typography Entry

I'm most likely to use Verdana as my font.
It's easy to be read, and no distortions to distract the eye.
For my name on the banner I thought about using brushes to make it distinct from other texts.
I actually don't want to use to much text, and just mainly have graphics to help navigate. But that will probably be hard to do.